What We Do

Rural and Tribal Community empowerment projects of Jana Shikshana Trust are promoting peoples organisations to work for the development of their own communities. As a result of these project activities the awareness levels of marginalised regarding their basic rights and government schemes have increased and the POs collectively asserts their rights and entitlements.

About -Jana Shikshana Trust

Jana Shikshana Trust(JST) is a not-for-profit, non-political, non religious and secular social work organisation founded by duo trained social workers N. Sheena Shetty and Krishna Moolya, determined to go by the spirit of knowledge that they acquired in “Ratnamanasa” a residential life education centre at Ujire and the School of Social Work Roshni Nilaya Mangalore. In pursuit of service, JST has planted hopes and grown happiness in the life of thousands of marginalised people.


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